Structured Cabling

Wherever communications are needed be it from computer to computer or phone to phone, structured cabling is required. Structured cabling integrates the use of either a computer or a phone to be used on the same cabling at any given time.

One of the main advantages of installing a structured cabling system is the reduction in general maintenance costs due to the following:

  • Consistent cabling ensuring less compatibility issues
  • Potential faults can be located quickly and easily, the overall risk of faults are also greatly reducing with a structured cabling system in place.
  • Faults can be isolated, as a stuctured cabling system is divided up into easily managable blocks, meaning specific points can be easily isolated and tested without the need to disrupt the entire network.
  • Upgrading is kept to a minimum as future applications such as video conferencing and multimedia can be supported within the structured cabling installation.

Sedgemoor Telecom design and install all structured cabling systems to meet all the necessary industrial standards.

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Structured Cabling System